It is no small thing to know that upon your knowledge and skill, a life may depend.

Wade Siefert, RPh

Wade Siefert, RPh, ABAAHP, FAARM 

Wade Siefert, R.Ph., ABAAHP, FAARM is co-owner and pharmacist at Preckshot Professional Pharmacy. Wade has been practicing the art of compounding for more than 20 years. Wade graduated from Drake University College of Pharmacy in 1987. Following graduation, Wade worked in retail chain, hospital and long-term care pharmacy settings.

As a compounding pharmacist, Wade strives to be an active member in the compounding pharmacy world. He has held many positions in the Illinois Pharmacy Association and has served as President of his local pharmacy association. He is a Fellow of the American College of Apothecaries and an active member of National Community Pharmacists Association. Wade is also involved with the International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists (IACP). Wade was President of IACP from 2013-2014 and has held the position as Chairman of the Board since 2014. Previous to being president, Wade has served on multiple committees as well as the Board of Directors of IACP. In addition to his involvement with IACP, Wade is a certified member of A4M, a society of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Functional Medicine, physicians, health care practitioners and scientists dedicated to enhancing the quality and extending the length of the human lifespan.

Wade is heavily involved in the community where he speaks to many support groups, serves as a consultant to a local hospice team and conducts a weekly radio program “Preckshot Personal” on WMBD, 1470 AM. Wade meets with patients by appointment to consult on whatever health issues they may be experiencing.


Jennifer Siefert, RPh

Jennifer Siefert, R.Ph., co-owner and pharmacist at Preckshot Professional Pharmacy has been practicing the art of compounding for more than 20 years. Jennifer graduated from Drake University College of Pharmacy in 1986. Following graduation, Jennifer worked both in retail chain and independent pharmacy settings.

Jennifer has been involved with many pharmacy organizations, including the Central Illinois Pharmacy Association, International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists and Professional Compounding Centers of America. In 1993, Jennifer was awarded the Edmond P. Barcus Distinguished Young Pharmacist Award from the Illinois Pharmacy Association. In addition to being actively involved in the compounding pharmacy world, she is an active member of the National Association of Women Business Owners.

Jennifer works closely with physicians and patients alike to provide solutions for many issues including better sleep, more energy, hormone balancing for men and women, improved GI health and successful weight loss. As a pharmacist and expert in nutrition and hormone replacement therapy, Jennifer can aid patients in maintaining and improving their health through nutritional and lifestyle modifications.

Part of Jennifer’s role is to lead Preckshot Professional Pharmacy in multi-state licensing, which allows our Compounding Lab to provide customized medications to patients outside of our geographic location.


Jennifer Siefert, RPh
John Preckshot, RPh

John Preckshot, RPh, CCN, FIACP

John Preckshot, RPh, CCN, FIACP is the founder of Preckshot Professional Pharmacy.

Melissa Foster, PharmD


Melissa is a pharmacist with Preckshot Professional Pharmacy. She graduated from St. Louis College of Pharmacy in 2010. Prior to working at Preckshot Professional Pharmacy, Melissa practiced pharmacy in retail chains. Melissa oversees operations in the dispensing area of Preckshot Professional Pharmacy. She receives prescriptions and verifies them upon completion. Melissa fields questions from physician and vet offices and helps to educate patients and physicians on the various compounds that Preckshot Professional Pharmacy provides.

Melissa Foster
Cathy Windish

Cathy Windish, RPh


Cathy Windish, R.Ph., consultant and pharmacist at Preckshot Professional Pharmacy. Cathy graduated from Drake University in 1975 and has devoted 40 years to the world of pharmacy.

Many of those years have been spent owning and operating Elmwood Pharmacy in Elmwood, Illinois. Fifteen years ago, Cathy found great interest in the world of compounding by attending multiple seminars with her colleagues, Wade and Jennifer Siefert. As she began incorporating compounding at Elmwood Pharmacy her passion grew for the unique contributions that compounding can add to the overall health of a patient, specifically women’s health. Her amplified knowledge of compounding led her to incorporate in-practice consultations with patients at Elmwood Pharmacy.

Cathy sold Elmwood Pharmacy in October of 2015, and today has the fantastic opportunity to spend her time providing professional health consultations to both men and women at Preckshot Professional Pharmacy. To schedule a consultation with Cathy, contact the pharmacy at 309-679-2047.

Kayla Livingston

Preckshot Place Managing Director

As the Preckshot Place Managing Director, I am able to focus on the overall operations of Preckshot Professional Pharmacy as well as still using my creativity when focusing our marketing efforts to both patients and physicians. My responsibilities include pharmacy compliance, pharmacy licensing, human resources and marketing.

There are many reasons I love the career path I have chosen, but among those reasons, I am most rewarded when I am able to help a patient lead a healthier lifestyle, decrease pain or simply aid in any issue they may have. Being in the position I am in, I am able to educate physicians and patients alike on the many benefits of compounded medications and the alternative medicines we provide. Overall, working at Preckshot brings joy to my life when I see we are changing individual’s lives for the better!

I graduated from Saginaw Valley State with a Bachelor of Business Administration and Management.

In my free time, I love to be able to spend time with my husband, son and the rest of my family. I love when I have a chance to be creative, whether it be through photography or scrapbooking. I also enjoy spending time outdoors, especially golfing with my husband.

Kayla Livingston
Micheline Maloof

Micheline Maloof

Preckshot Health Marketing Director

My responsibility as Preckshot Health Marketing Director is to enhance patient marketing for Preckshot Professional Pharmacy. I am involved in the development and implementation of the Preckshot brand through social media marketing, radio, events and health expos. What I enjoy most about working at Preckshot Professional Pharmacy is being able to do what I love while expanding my knowledge of compounding, nutrition & supplementation. I also truly enjoy the local pharmacy feel that we have at Preckshot. I love getting to know the patients and vice versa.

I graduated Illinois State University with a bachelor’s degree in Integrated Marketing and a minor in Economics. I specialized in brand management, creative planning and marketing integration.

Clayton Moore, PhT

Sterile Lab Manager

My job title is Aseptic (Sterile) Compounding Lab Manager. I supervise and see that all quality control and quality assurance standards are met. That includes sterility testing, environmental monitoring testing, and purity testing of the sterile products that we make at Preckshot Professional Pharmacy. I also create most formulations for the new products we make as well as performing the actual sterile compounding itself.

I have been working at Preckshot Professional Pharmacy since 2009 and I have been a pharmacy technician since 2006 and have been compounding since I started at the pharmacy.

What I love most about working at Preckshot Professional Pharmacy is the day-to-day challenges and responsibilities that my job title represents. I also like the “small store feel” that this pharmacy has. Everybody knows everybody.

I graduated in 2010 from Southern Illinois University in Edwardsville and earned a degree in Biomedicine and Chemistry.

In my free time I do a lot of cooking. I have been cooking since I was a small child. I love to experiment with different foods. I also do lots of outdoor activities when I can; baseball, hiking, exercising, and playing with my dogs. Also, this year I have really gotten into fencing and I’m pretty good at it. I also enjoy reading and watching movies.


Clayton Moore
Karen Simpson, C.Ph.T.

Karen Simpson, CPhT

Non-Sterile Lab Manager

My primary duty as Non-Sterile Lab tech manager is to oversee the day-to-day non-sterile lab operations. I am in charge of preparing compounded medications for the patients, maintaining lab inventory, updating formulas, as well as training new staff.

I have over 20 years of experience in the world of pharmacy and I have been at Preckshot Professional Pharmacy since 2011.

I have experience in both retail and compounding pharmacy, but I have found compounding to be the most rewarding to me. I enjoy creating the compounded medications for patients and seeing them benefit from it.

In my free time, I love being a wife and a mom. I enjoy bowling with my family, watching movies and being involved in my son’s school activities.

Amy Halberg, C.Ph.T.

Amy Closen, CPhT

Wellness Director

As Wellness Director, I am in charge of managing the Supplements and Health Service floors. I manage personnel and make sure inventory is ordered promptly and efficiently. My responsibility as Wellness Director allows me to advise and/or choose the supplements that we carry on the floor. That process has allowed me to develop a vast knowledge of the supplements on hand, and I am able to offer educated advice to customers on their supplementation. In conjunction with my Wellness responsibilities, I am a trained distributer of Young Living Essential Oils and I am certified in Yong Living Raindrop Therapy.

When I’m away from the pharmacy, I enjoy spending time with my family and two dogs. I am also currently working on a certification in aroma therapy.

Yvonne Broyles, CPhT

Certified Pharmacy Technician

As Certified Pharmacy Technician I work in the dispensing area of the pharmacy. My responsibilities as part of the dispensing pharmacy technician team include typing prescriptions, inventory management and running and billing insurance. I am lucky to enjoy what I do and I love that I get to advance my knowledge in the world of alternative medicine on a daily basis.

One of my favorite aspects of working at Preckshot are the amazing people I work with!

In my free time, I love being a mom and spending time with my family. I also love traveling and sleeping in whenever I get a chance.

Markie Maloof

Markie Maloof

Project Specialist Intern