Hormone Therapy For Women

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Hormone Therapy For Men

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Clinical Trials

Preckshot Professional Pharmacy can meet your clinical/investigational needs. Whether comparing the effects of different drugs, dosage forms, or delivery systems, our dedicated team brings the extensive quality control and record keeping that your study requires.

An investigational study is only valid if strict quality control is maintained from the beginning of the trial to its conclusion. Our pharmacy team will work closely with your study coordinator to ensure that the all dosage forms are properly prepared, stored, labeled, administered, and any unused materials are destroyed. We have implemented stringent policies and procedures to ensure all equipment is working satisfactorily and that all preparations are formulated properly and consistently.

Preckshot Professional Pharmacy has the facility, equipment, capabilities, experience and expertise to customize the medications that you need.

  • Placebo controls
  • Change in dosage form to fit your study protocol
  • Randomization records, quality control documentation, and blinding

Our highly qualified personnel can provide services for:

  • Medical, Dental and Veterinary Schools
  • Universities
  • Hospitals and Research Institutions
  • Independent Research (physicians, biopharmaceuticals)

Services include:

  • Blinding or open labeling of study drug
  • Randomization of enrolled subjects
  • Unused study medication may be returned for destruction and documentation at no additional cost

Customized Dosage Forms for Humans or Animals, containing Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) or placebo:

  • Oral capsules, solutions, suspensions
  • Troches, lollipops
  • Medicated treats for animals
  • Sprays, pastes and powders – for topical or mucosal applications
  • Injections – sterile solutions or suspensions (aqueous or oil-based) in vials or single-dose syringes
  • Implants – sterile beads or pellets
  • Nasal sprays, solutions, drops, ointments, irrigations
  • Ophthalmic solutions, suspensions, ointments, injectables
  • Otic solutions, suspensions, ointments
  • Rectal enemas, suppositories, ointments, solutions
  • Urethral suppositories , gels, irrigations
  • Vaginal suppositories, gels, creams
  • Topical/transdermal creams, ointments or gels
  • Over 100 flavors available
  • and more…
Let us know what you need.

Preparations can be provided in the most appropriate container, including vials, dropper bottles, metered dose sprays, or single-dose syringes (oral, topical, or injectable).

Stringent Quality Control

  • Pharmaceutical-grade chemicals (USP, NF equivalent) are purchased from FDA-registered suppliers.
  • We meet or exceed all standards for sterile USP <797> and non-sterile USP <795> compounding.
  • The pharmacy is inspected and licensed by the State of Illinois.
  • Each step of the compounding process is documented and available for review.
  • Process validation is utilized for aseptic fill, sterilization, depyrogenation and batch compounding.
  • Sterility, Endotoxin and Potency testing are performed by an independent laboratory.


Master formula and lot-specific-records including:

  • Product name or number
  • Study identification name or number
  • Dosage strength
  • Dosage form
  • Ingredient names and quantities

Detailed procedure including:

  • Equipment used
  • Mixing speeds and times
  • Drying times
  • Storage conditions
  • Certificates of Analysis
  • Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs)
  • Ingredient details, including weight, manufacturer, lot number and chemical expiration dates
  • Beyond Use Dates for study medications
  • Equipment Calibration
  • Randomization Record
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

We invite you to take a tour of our exceptional compounding laboratory and to meet with our team to discuss, plan and provide for your unique needs. You can count on Preckshot Professional Pharmacy to meet all of your needs for Clinical Trials and Investigational Research.

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What is Compounding

At Preckshot Professional Pharmacy, we do not believe medications have to be “One-Size-Fits-All.”

In every field of medicine, there are patients who don’t respond well to traditional treatments. Or in some cases, patients may not tolerate a commercially-produced medication. Whether they require medication at customized strengths just for them, better-tasting medicine, or a different way of administering a medication, pharmacy compounding can meet their needs.

Our professional compounders create unique dosage forms and medicines free from ingredients to which the patient is sensitive or allergic. Preckshot specializes in overcoming medication challenges for humans and veterinary patients alike. If you have a problem with medication or a unique need or request to make your medication work for you, we are dedicated to finding a solution.

All of us at Preckshot Professional Pharmacy are continuously striving to develop new formulations, and are equally committed to providing PCAB/ACHC-Accredited excellence in all of our products and services for you and your patients.

Should you have any questions or want more information on how compounding can help, please call us at 309-679-2047 or 1-855-PRECKSHOT.

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Unavailable Medications

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How to Write a Compound Rx

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