During a one-on-one consultation, a pharmacist will:

  • review the patient's medical history and current medications, providing assessment.
  • review lab reports, if available.
  • discuss medical symptoms.
  • educate the patient about options for treatment.

Working with patient and physician, the pharmacist can provide innovative solutions using compounded medications and treatments. Following the consultation, the pharmacist will make specific recommendations based on the patient's needs, and consult with the physician to obtain an appropriate prescription. Patients will leave the consultation appointment with a plan individualized for them.

Consultation fees vary, depending on consultation duration. To schedule a consultation, call 309-679-2047 or email us with your name and phone number. The appointment scheduler will discuss fee schedules before booking any consultations. Additionally, no appointment will be made until health evaluation forms are filled out and returned to the pharmacy. Forms are available in the pharmacy or will be mailed to you upon request.

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